English Ivy is a specified plant with green and shiny leathery leaves, Ivy creepers could grow up to 30 meters long, and could be found on rocky and limestone lands.

Ivy flowers are gray from outside and green on the inside. Ivy is poisonous and has an alternate root, which helps it attach on the base on which it climbs.

Benefits of English Ivy

  • Carefully consumed ivy tea is an effective cure for asthma, cough, and bronchitis.
  • Ivy leaves are used to treat spleen diseases, soft bones, eye diseases, nose polyps, kidney stones and sand, bladder inflammation and candida.
  • Mixing with mint and parsley could treat some internal diseases
  • Cleanse your body from poisoning pesticides

Tea Recipe

Souk 2 tablespoons of crushed Ivy leaves in 35oz or 1L cold water and filter it immediately. You can drink 1 deciliter on a daily basis but not at once.

Note: Keep Ivy berries away from children’s reach, and don’t use them for tea preparation.

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Source: dailyremediesportal.com