Lemon is a globally known herbal medicine and we all know that it is the best to consume it in raw form because of vitamin C.

The tea made from the whole lemon is also very medicinal, as are other herbal teas. However, it differs in its special healing properties.

There are people who drink hot water with lemon instead of coffee, which is extremely good. After a month of drinking lemonade daily, it is good to take a two-week break to rest your bowels.

However, to use all the healing properties that the lemon has, it is best to prepare the drink in this way:

Prepare a few well-washed lemons with baking soda and cold water, cut them in half and pour water over them. Let it boil for five minutes, then turn off the stove. Leave the lemons in the liquid while it cools slowly. When the liquid cools down, strain it and sweeten it with honey.

Store the drink in a glass container and put it in a refrigerator. Drink one glass on an empty stomach every morning.

Why is it good?

  1. It helps with weight loss and melting fat
  2. Improves immunity
  3. Heals a cold
  4. Speeds up metabolism
  5. Encourages peristalsis and emptying of the intestines
  6. Improves the appearance of the skin
  7. Heals acne

It is best to drink this drink in the morning, instead of coffee. You will see the difference in just a few days.