Required ingredients:

  • 800 g Aronia
  • 1 kg of honey
  • 2 jars

Opskrift på aronia syltetøj // Recipe for chokeberry jam | Aronia ...

Method of preparation:

Beautifully clean the Aronia from the stalks. Place it in a larger tray.

This well-placed Aronia in one layer is left to dry for three days. It should start to shrink.

After three days put the Aronia in the jars, two larger and one smaller. Fill the jar in half.

Fill the second half of the jars with honey, mix well and close the jars.

Aronia is very healthy. Prepared this way with honey, you should consume one tablespoon each morning.

Since Aronia can ferment at warm or ambient temperatures, it is best to store the jars in a refrigerator.